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iam bennu- Artist/Technologist

iam bennu (aka: Benford Davis) is the thought and talent of this enterprise. He is a being of immense intelligence and heart. He is certifiably gifted with and ability to conceive and create. In almost any medium he touches.

iam bennu is the driving force and it is built around and complimentary to his gifts and the need to have this talent be of benefit to society. iamARTevolutions is as dedicated as iam bennu is to manifesting our artistic vision for us to use.

We utilized this in our design capabilities and templates. iam created a system that starts with the client and understand and empathized totally with what the client needs and knowing the client deeply enough to be about to present that in the client's individual style and not our own. Much like Leonardo da Vinci, iam is as good at coming up with implementation as he is design. Execution is as, or even more important than the concept.

"Is is about doing it well for everyone involved for in some way or another we are all linked. Do it as if you were doing it for yourself, because somewhere down the line,... you are"

Every client is a relationship, therefore a friendship so for us it is creating art to represent someone we know. It is powerful and intimate as it speaks from the essence of that entity, be it person or company.

Our projects are good for all involved in a very even way. Everyone comes away happy and glad to have made the journey.


A self-taught artist has been working in the art arena for over 20 years.  He has been privileged to design and create the poster and graphics for the Mississippi Delta Heritage and Blues Festival, and the Ec(h)o Arts Festival. He went out on his own and gathered numerous clients, including Burger King, The Bayou Classic, Data News Weekly, African American Male Institute, Shell Oil Corporation, and Southern University of New Orleans. Everything changed when he met Rudy and Kathy Muse of “rampARTstreet GRAPHICS”, the creators of the “Zulu Poster Program”. He was invited to create his first Zulu Mardi Gras Poster in 1993. With the success of this poster he was then invited to do a second. Together, they created six, limited editions, hand drawn and separated, silk screened posters and an offset version of each.  The Zulu Mardi Gras posters that were designed by Rampart St. Graphics are considered some of the best poster works in the Mardi Gras market. He closed out the original Zulu poster series in 2000 after seven posters.He is also a talented stage and screen actor, dancer and singer having numerous plays and musicals under his belt, such as “A Raisin in the Sun”, “A Solder’s Play”, “ Six Degrees of Separation”, “ Do the White Thing”, “ A Band Set”, “Dream Girls”, and most recently in the New Orleans premier of August Wilson’s “Jitney”. He has done commercial and voice-overs for the Miller Beer, Partners for Health Babies, and a State Trooper in a Louisiana Lottery commercial. He had also appeared in several movies in including “Body Count” starring Bridget Nelson. After the Contract with Zulu was over, he slowed down to concentrate on the art of living simply, as was the teachings of his Grandfather, the artist Frank A. Wyley. His name was changed to “iam bennu”, after a spiritual hiatus of holistic living. He brings a new self to a wonderfully clear journey to creating a new art for the community of New Orleans that he has come to love.



iam bennu-The Name
"iam" means I AM or 'being'. The knowledge of existance without form. Spirit. "bennu" is the Egyptian name for the bird that is reborn from the ashes. It was come to be known in other cultures as "the Phoenix"



Iam Bennu was born Benford Davis and reared in Boston, Massachusetts.  The grandson of New Orleans painter Frank Wyley, another self-taught artist, he has been drawing since he was old enough to walk.  He was relocated to New Orleans in 1971.  By the age of twelve he had learned how to paint and began the process of learning how to use multiple mediums and to transfer the artwork to formats for reproduction.  After high school he worked for a convention design company creating layouts and design for display and promotion.  He worked for a dry good printing company, handling layout, art and separations for printing.  After developing new camera assisted and hand-rendering layout formats for printing, he decided to go into business for himself.


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Client Quote: "This is so beautiful. Your work is vast, mysterious, mystical, vibrant, contemplative.....it is so multi-dimenstional."