About Us


IAE is a illustration & Design House specializing in Graphics for the web, Web Design, Poster Design, and Business Identity.

Zulu Witch DoctiorThe business has evolved over fifteen years and is a venture of the New Orleans artist Benford Davis, know known as iam bennu. A self taught graphic and fine artist, and web designer, he has been serving clients for over ten years. As a fine artist, he was invited to create an Official Zulu Mardi Gras Poster in 1993.  It’s success allowed him to do each succeeding poster until the end of the poster contract in 2001. 

iam bennu soon realized that his art could translate to a digital and medium and added digital content to his arsenal. Soon he was creating websites and forming coporate identities. he helped to form Cuttlefish Technologies and then iamARTevolutions with a growing client base.

We are now relocated to New Orleans after bing in Dallas for two years. It is good to be back and great to be able to see all of our clients that stuck with us through the storm.

One thing that iam has shown us and taught is to nuture deep connections with clients to know them enough to manifest their vision and not our own. It is something that we get to do every day.

"Contact us for your artistic/design needs today. Manifest your vision"